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Blushing Violet is my philanthropic passion project, and an offshoot of my company Lush Lapel Millinery.  Simply put, I've observed firsthand the impact that a simple hat can have on a person in need of a pick-me-up, and I'm compelled to share that joy with as many women as possible.  To that end, we've designed this program to allow YOU to nominate a friend or acquaintance who might be in need of a dab of joy for one reason or another.  We will periodically select a nominee to surprise with a hat for a special event, to celebrate a milestone, or just for their own personal enjoyment.   To learn more about my own inspiration, read our history below.

Do you know someone who could use a gesture of kindness?


We're looking for individuals who've shown courage, or bravery in the face of adversity, have triumphed over challenges, or simply need a little bright spot in their lives.  She may be facing hair loss or scarring, or she may just need a reminder to embrace her inner beauty.  Perhaps she is heading to a special event, or maybe she's approaching a significant milestone, or she's just due for a moment of self care.  If you know someone like this, nominate your potential Blushing Violet here.


Lush Lapel currently designs hats that are traditionally 'feminine', but I'm happy to include those of any gender identity in the program.  Please peruse our designs at www.LushLapel.com to see if our style might align with that of your potential Blushing Violet recipient.  We do not make traditionally masculine hats at this time.   If you know of a Haberdasher who might like to partner with our program, let me know! 


A surprise hat sometimes makes the most impact on a potential Blushing Violet.  I encourage you to consider keeping your nomination a secret, at least for the time being.  If your nominee is selected, I will contact YOU directly, and together we can decide if we should bring her in on the design process, or keep the gift a complete surprise. 


To bypass the nomination process and simply order a Lush Lapel hat for yourself or a friend,  please visit our online shop www.LushLapel.com.   Be sure to use checkout code BLUSHINGVIOLET so that all proceeds from your order go back into the BV fund.


Fill out our nomination for to tell us how we can best help spread some joy to your friend or loved one.  Learn more here.  


This program is a passion project for myself and my company Lush Lapel Millinery Inc.  It is completely funded by Lush Lapel, and support from our community.   To support our cause, you can schedule a craft-a-hat party or you might consider a contribution to our Blushing Violet fund.  Your contribution will help offset the cost of materials, postage of hats, etc.  


A large part of our BV funding comes to us via our fun Craft-A-Hat Parties!   Simply put, you host a fun craft night for friends, we bring supplies and teach your class, proceeds benefit the cause of your choice and/or the Blushing Violet Fund.  Learn more here. 


I have been a milliner for many years, and have always appreciated how the right hat can make a person feel instantly glamorous, sophisticated, or elegant.   It was only after a very difficult year during which my own medical challenges caused a great deal of hair loss that I realized how very powerful  that little dose of glamour could be.  I'm constantly inspired by the women in my own life who are bravely battling cancer, mothers who face adversity and illness in themselves and their children with grace and fortitude, those who shoulder the burdens of depression and loss.  I'm honored by the opportunity to share these little pick-me-ups with the inspirational individuals that surround us every day.  

Admittedly, no one hat can change the world, but one unexpected gesture of kindness just might.

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