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Please submit the following form to "officially" nominate your friend.  We will be selecting recipients periodically, as funds and materials become available to the Blushing Violet program.   To bypass this wait and simply order a hat for yourself or a friend, please visit our online shop   Be sure to use coupon code BLUSHINGVIOLET so that all proceeds from your order go back into the BV fund.


We're looking for individuals who've shown courage, or bravery in the face of adversity; have triumphed over challenges, or simply need a little bright spot in their lives.  She may be facing hair loss or scarring, or she may just need a reminder to embrace her inner beauty.  Perhaps she is heading to a special event, or maybe she's approaching a significant milestone, or maybe she's just due for a moment of self care.  If you know someone like this, nominate them below.  We will be selecting recipients periodically throughout the year.

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Nominate a Blushing Violet:

Use the contact box in the right hand column of the page to nominate a worthy recipient!  You can also send your nomination via email.  If you would like to submit images, please include those in your emailed submission.

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Does your nominee need the hat for a specific event?
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Why does your friend need a little dab of kindness?
How would this experience make a difference in their lives?
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Special Notes:

If you would like to submit images, please include those in your emailed submission.    You may attach up to three JPEG files to an emailed submission. 

Submission of a nomination in no way guarantees any contribution
 from Lush Lapel Inc. or the Blushing Violet program.   

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