Host a Craft-A-Hat Party

Hosting a Lush Lapel Craft-A-Hat Party is a great way to help support Blushing Violet:   Whether you're interested in hosting a benefit for your own organization, eager to host party to benefit Blushing Violet, or are just looking for an easy way to host a fun craft night; we're happy to do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your event.  Contact Acadia directly to discuss hosting a hat party. 

What do you have to Provide: 

Guests, interest, and enthusiasm.  Typically, our host will select and/or provide the location of the hat class, and the guest list.  We'll help with the rest.

What does Lush Lapel Provide:  

We'll provide the class and instruction, and materials & supplies which are covered by the class cost.  We'll also send you a "How to Host" packet that includes the best way to spread the word to your guests, templates for invitations and flyers, venue and set-up suggestions, and even menu suggestions for snacks.   My aim is to make your hosting experience EFFORTLESS.  As much as Blushing Violet hats are a "bright spot" for our recipients, I want this party to be a "bright spot" for you as well. 

Party Size:  

Your Craft-A-Hat event can be as small as three guests or as large as 25.  Let’s chat about how the number of guests impacts the style of event and class format.

Class Timing:  

Whether we’re doing a intimate class for five, or a larger class format, generally instruction and assembly take about 90 minutes.  Plan extra “padding” time for your guests to arrive and settle in, and wrap up. 

What Does it Cost?:  

While the size and complexity of the hat design we teach has a great deal of impact on the cost of the project, prices typically range from $25 to $75 per guest.  Together we'll determine a project budget, and any additional contribution we'd like to ask of our guests. 

Are you already aligned with an organization or cause? 

Let's work together to plan an event that can further the goals of both organizations. Email me to discuss and plan.  

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  1. Happy to see the creativity of crafts hat party. I am planning to organize a grand exhibition of all my paintings at one of superb Venues in San Francisco in a couple of months. Looking for spacious venue and thinking of arranging a snacks party altogether.


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