There are five easy ways to help support the Blushing Violet Program:

1.  Spread the word!  Tell your friends about our program, share our business cards with anyone who may know someone who could benefit from our efforts.   Share our page on Facebook, tag us on Instagram, post our flyers around your office water cooler.  I'm relying on the kindness of friends and strangers to help make our program a success!

2.  Nominate a Blushing Violet.  The program means nothing unless I'm actually able to impact the lives of others.  I can't do that without your nominations

3.   Host a hat party.  Together we'll create an event that benefits my cause and yours.

4.  Sponsor a BV Hat, or Donate:  Purchase a Lush Lapel hat to donate to the BV program, make a financial contribution to our program, or use coupon code BLUSHING VIOLET when you order a hat for yourself to ensure all proceeds benefit the program.  You can also make a simple donation.  Learn more about contribution opportunities here. 

5.  Provide Feedback and Suggestions:  If YOU have an idea of how I can better serve the program and our Blushing Violet recipients, I welcome the feedback.  Email me today! 

I cannot thank you enough for your interest and support in our efforts.   
I am humbled by your participation.

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